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Use of Funds: Store Remodel

Loan Amount:$45,000

Approved on a 24-month term with a weekly payment within 48 hours of applying.

Financed Equipment as well through Priority on a 5 year term with a monthly payment. Needed additional capital for leasehold improvements, utilized this line of credit

Use of Funds: Buildout for additional office space

Loan Amount:$90,000

Approved within 36 hours of applying.

This doctor came to us after being denied for an SBA loan. Customer applied for $75,000 but was approved for, and ultimately received $90,000 in unsecured funds. He had the opportunity to build out some additional office space and take on another doctor to the practice.

Use of Funds: Insurance Premiums, Tags, Marketing Needs

Loan: $150,000

Approved within 8 hours of applying! (signed all documents electronically, funds in his account SAME DAY!)

Customer was turned down at his local bank for a line of credit, applied with Priority and was funded the SAME DAY!

Use of Funds: Store Improvements, Marketing

Loan Amount:$35,000

Approved within 24 hours of applying!

Part of the proceeds were used to pay off a higher interest loan. Customer wanted to ramp up her marketing efforts, and used the funds to hire two new delivery drivers along with a marketing campaign

Use of Funds: Inventory, Business Expansion, Debt Consolidation


Approved within 48 hours of applying!

Used a large part of the proceeds to consolidate debt and pay off two other lenders. We provided a much lower rate factor, and were able to provide the customer a weekly payment structure. Customer used remaining funds to purchase much needed inventory for his shop

Use of Funds: Debt Consolidation, Tax Payments

Loan Amount:$38,000

Approved within 24 hours of applying!

Customer had poor credit, and was declined everywhere else he applied with prior to coming to us. The customer used a large portion to pay off some tax liens that were on the business, and used additional funds to pay off high interest credit card debt and improve his credit score

Use of Funds: Business Expansion


Approved within 72 hours of applying!

Used proceeds to book new talent for their theater, with the proceeds were able to sell tickets 2 months in advance. Customer estimated that business would increase 20% within the 1st year of this loan

Over $2B advanced since 2007

How We Can Help Your Business


You’ve got a great business plan and are determined to make your company a success. But it takes more than a great plan and determination to get a business off the ground. There’s another element that’s crucial to have but can be hard to attain, and that’s capital.


Raising capital to begin your own business is a challenging endeavor. Depending on what you need, it can sometimes be a struggle to raise the funds. Priority Funding Solutions is here to make the lending process easier for you and your business.


Priority Funding Solutions provides working capital loan alternatives to small and medium sized businesses. We are an industry leader specializing in business loans, merchant cash advances and other working capital solutions. As a subsidiary of Priority Capital, we are one of the top trusted lenders in the industry.


We want to help your business grow the way you need it to. Apply for funding through Priority Funding Solutions and you’ll learn about approval within 12-24 hours and receive your funds with 1-2 business days. The capital we can provide helps you purchase or upgrade your equipment, cover your payroll expenses, cover your advertising needs and more. Our unsecured capital loans range from $5,000 to $500,000, so apply for the amount that you need.


We provide funding for a variety of businesses, ranging from restaurants and salons to private medical practices and retail stores. We even provide working capital loans for automotive and trucking needs. Apply now to get the money you need to help your business grow!

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